IELTS口语:Cloth (着装--适用1,3部分)

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1.What clothes do you usually like to wear?

词汇:chic(潮妞) , stylish(有格调的),Bohemian(波西米亚) , closet(衣柜) , typical(典型的) , casual(休闲) 

句式 :  XXX can't live without ...... (XXX生活中不能没有...)

As a guy , I only wear some casual(休闲的) stuff , like typical jeans , leather jacket or polo shirt . But my girlfriend can’t live without clothes, like chic(时髦) , stylish(有格调的) or Bohemian , you know , her closets(衣柜) can never be full. 

2.Did you have some special clothes to wear when you were a child ?

词汇:rustic(垮的) , surprisingly(出奇的) , T (T恤) , symbol(象征), phoenix(凤凰) , fortune(财运) .

句式:I didn't have choice ... so I had to ...

            It is saying that ... (俗话说...)

Actually , when I was a child I didn’t have much choices and my parents only bought me rustic(垮的) ones. But I remembered it was in my ten-year-old birthday they surprisingly bought me a red T with dragon and phoenix patterns(凤凰图纹) on it . it is saying that these symbols represent fortune(财运) and luck . Well that's the special one .

3.Will online shopping replace the importance of material shopping ? (P3)

词汇:aspect(立场) , combine(结合) , convenience(方便) , texture(材质) , dinning(用餐) 

句式:  by the way ...... (顺带一提...)

            not only .... , but .... as well (等于not only... , but also ...)

Umm …Not from my aspect , cuz although online shopping combines the benefits of convenience and cheapness , customers still go to the malls to try the texture(材质) and fit which can’t be done online . By the way , mall is not only for shopping , but for people to get social activities as well , like movie , dinning , high tea(下午茶) and more . 


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